ATM Wireless Router/Modem

ATM Wireless Router/Modem

Wireless Internet Service Provider
Wireless 4G LTE is ideal for Primary and Backup connectivity for lower bandwidth application in situations where wired networks are unavailable or impractical.
Wireless Internet Backup
Keep your customers internet up and running with wireless backup.
Constant Contact
To ensure you stay connected during high volume special events, football games, concerts, etc.
Remote Power Switch
Eliminate your power cycle service calls as simply as utilizing our web site tools or sending an email or text.
WTI wireless routers all pass PCI DSS Vulnerability scanning every time!
Nautilus Hyosung
Works with Nautilus Hyosung RMS!

Lease and Purchase Options Available


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Data Plans

  • Data plans start at $9.00/month.
  • You have the option to lease or purchase your modem.
  • Leasing option does not require any hardware costs. Basic monthly fee without worries
  • Pooled and Non-Pooled options available.
  • Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile carrier options available. It's your choice.
  • No contact required other than pay for the data used.
  • No deposits required. Activation fee of $10 for your SIM card and that's it.


We Have Always Been Secure to Your ATM. SSL encryption from the ATM to the Processor.!

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