ezTech Disclaimer

ezTech™ Disclaimer

ezTech, a trademark of Burton technical Services LLC, is currently offered at no charge to customers that create an account on our website at www.btsatm.com. Any technician entered will be subject to approval. This approval process typically takes 1-5 business days. Under no circumstances can anyone abuse or misuse this service in any way. Any information must conform to any Federal and state laws in Texas, and the state where the technician(s) are listed. Burton Technical Services LLC does not sell any private information gathered in this process. Burton Technical Services will only publish the information necessary to make a listing on the site’s ezTech pages. All terms and conditions and privacy policy of the site apply. Burton Technical Services LLC is not affiliated with any technicians/companies listed, unless otherwise specified, and any transactions, communications, or dealings between ezTech users is the sole reponsiblity of the parties or individuals involved. Burton Technical Services LLC makes no warranties, expressed or implied, in regards to information displayed on the ezTech pages of the site or interactions between users.