Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

Burton Technical Services, LLC, herein referred to as “BTS,” warrants all reconditioned/refurbished/remanufactured parts, products, and repairs to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the warranty period selected during checkout. For reconditioned, refurbished, or remanufactured parts and products that do not have a selectable warranty period available (i.e. 3 month or 9 month warranty options), the standard warranty of 180 days will apply. New parts and products will carry the manufacturer’s standard warranty, unless otherwise specified. There is no warranty on parts that are software and/or battery only, test only, or irreparable. The warranty period begins 7 days after the ship date from BTS to account for time in transit to the customer.

If any part sold or repaired by BTS should fail in the course of normal service during the warranty period, BTS will repair or replace it, at its discretion, at no additional charge. If the part cannot be repaired or replaced, BTS reserves the right to refund the cost of the part or repair. BTS does not warrant any damages during transit to or from BTS, including any freight or courier service or direct pick-up from our facility.

BTS will not warrant any part that has been damaged due to brown outs, power outages, too low or too high power/voltage, contamination from rodents or other external contamination, lightning strikes or other acts of God, static electricity or static shock, misuse or mishandling. Warranty will be void if part is found to be tampered with or modified by anyone other than BTS. The warranty applies only to parts of an assembly that were serviced. For dispenser repairs, unless otherwise stated, board repair or replacement is not covered under warranty, unless the service or replacement was billed as part of the initial repair. BTS only warrants the original part and serial number that was serviced and/or billed. BTS will not be held liable for any service costs or labor associated with installation, deinstallation, or use of the part or product. In no event shall BTS or its suppliers, agents or representatives be liable for losses, damages or expenses associated with burglary, robbery, loss, transfers or misdispensing of funds or property, loss of data, interruption of business or for indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, whether arising under contract, tort, strict liability, or other forms of action, even if BTS has been apprised of the possibility thereof.

If the part is returned within the warranty period and is found to be in working order, (i.e. no problem found) BTS may charge an evaluation/testing fee.

If a part or product returned to BTS is found to be defective and under warranty as described above, BTS will cover the shipping and handling charges of the part or product back to the customer within the 48 contiguous United States via Ground or Standard shipping. Shipping and handling charges will still apply to all parts or products not found to be under or covered by warranty, or parts that are damaged as described above. Shipping and handling charges will still apply to all warranty parts or products being shipped outside of the contiguous 48 United States. Return shipment of the part or product to BTS is the responsibility of the customer. Please contact us if you need assistance with proper shipping or packaging.

All warranties purchased or included are non-transferable, and only apply to the original owner and/or purchaser of the part, product, and/or repair.

For any further information not described above, please contact us.